Studio - Live room

Guitar Amplifiers

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster 100-watt Tube Head 

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 4 (1993 vintage)  

Fender Blues Deville 212 (1987 vinatge) 

Marshal Jubilee 25/50

Bass Amplifiers

Gallien Krueger 800RB - Amplifier

GK Top Speaker - 210SBX 12"

GK Bottom Speaker - 115RBH 14"


1. Tama Silverstar:

Bass Drum 22"x18", Toms 10"x7"+12"x8", Floor 16"x14"

Snare - 14"x5"

Snare - 14" - Tama 

Snare - 14" - Mapex 

2. Yamaha Stage Custom 

Bass Drum 22"x18", Toms 10"x7"+12"x8", Floor 16"x14"


Hi Hat - Paiste 14"

Crash - Sabian 16"

Ride - Zildjian 18"

Guitars and other instruments

Acoustic guitar, classic guitar, electric guitar, 

bass guitar, 12 strings acoustic guitar,

Harmonicas and flutes.



Djembe, tambourines, egg shakers, cowbell,

metal hihat tambourine, drabuka,

cuban shakers, Congas and Bongas. 

Piano and Keyboards

Acoustic Piano - Yamaha U1

Digital Workstation - MOXF8 (88 keys)

Fender Rhodes Mark 2 (54 Keys)

Yamaha DX7 

Yamaha P45


Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer 

Dynamics - dbx Gate/Compressor 166XL dual channel

Lexicon Reverbs and Digitech Digital Effect Processor  


Mixing Console and Amplifiers

SOUNDCRAFT ui24 Wireless Digital Mixing Console 

P.A Amplifier - QSC Audio 4050 HD

Monitor Amp - Crest 2600

Sub Amp - Crest 3800  

Behringer HA8000 V2 - 8 ch Headphones amplifier 



P.A - JBL Professional Passive AM4215/64 15" *2

Yamaha DBR 10" * 2 
Yamaha DXR 12" * 2

Monitors - Acoustic Worx Monitors 15" * 3

Sub JBL Marquis Series - MS125s 15"


Note stands, microphone stands, 2nd floor keyboard stand,

computer stands, notes stand lights, tuners, strings for all guitars, 

headphones, AA and 9V batteries and transformers for effects.

Control Room

Audio Interfaces 

RME Fireface UFX 60 I/O channels 


Mackie HUI Controller/Mixing Console vinatge made in 1997


Audient ASP 800 Class A - 8 ch

RME OctaMic II - 8 ch

RME QuadMic - 4 ch

Studio Monitor Speakers 


 Condenser Microphones:

Neumann TLM103 

AKG C3000

AKG P420 

Lewitt LCT 240 PRO 

Blue Baby Bottle

Audio Technica AT2020 

Rode NTG 2 

Beyerdynamic TG D57C

SE Electronics SE8 match pair 

EV ND66 match pair

Dynamic Microphones: 

Shure SM7B 

Shure Beta 57*2


Akg D5

Beyerdynamic TG v70 *2
Shure SM 58 

Shure SM 57 

Sub Kick mic hand-made 

Janis Control
Motu 896mk3 Hybrid Audio Interface
UI24 Soundcraft
Blue Microphone
Mackie HUI Controller
AKG C3000
Mapex Snare
Fender Rhodes Mark2 (54 Keys)
EQ racks
Fender frontman 25
Gallien Krueger 800
Fender De-Ville
Janis Studio
Janis Studio
Yamaha U1
Soundcraft GHOST 32ch
Marshall JCM
Janis Studio
Janis Studio
Tama Snare